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Can I get into grad school with a drug charge on my record?

A lot of work has been put into preparing for graduate school. You have spent years studying late nights and dragging your feet to class early mornings. The thought of that being taken away suddenly is heartbreaking. Everyone makes mistakes somewhere along their journey. While a drug charge could be the result of one mistake, the repercussions can follow you for the rest of your life.

The level and type of offense will make a difference when it comes to getting accepted into graduate school. Drug offenses will make acceptance into some programs more difficult. For example if you are charged with possession of an illegal substance than you will have a tough time getting into nursing programs, medical school, and certain community service programs.

Steps to better your chance at acceptance

If you act fast you can reduce the effects and final result of a drug offense on your record. If you are currently facing charges then hire a good attorney immediately. A good attorney can help collect evidence to reduce the charges against you. While you may not want to pay the fees the result can make a huge difference in your future.

Even if the offense is set in stone, hope is not lost for grad school. You can take important steps to improve your chances to get into grad school. Start off by making clear efforts to recover and contribute to society. Consider attending a drug treatment program. Start volunteering or do community service.

Words help but actions can change your future

Next apply to your desired program as early as you can. Students with criminal records need to apply earlier because the process takes longer. Be completely honest on your grad school applications. Many schools now employ background checks and will call your bluff if you lie about a criminal record.

If you have drug charges in your past then the school will request your records and a committee will review your case. They will ask for a personal statement from you. This is where you can redeem yourself. Be completely honest about your charges and include any extenuating circumstances that happened at the time, such as a death in the family or major life changes. State that you regret your choices and that you have taken steps to recover and contribute to the community.

By taking these steps you can improve your chances at acceptance into the grad school of your dreams. Don't just sit there, take action! Your future depends on it.

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